This move is carried under the contract for carriage at Owner's Risk. 

This means the carrier shall not pay any compensation for the loss of or damage to any goods, except where the loss or damage is intentionally caused by the carrier. 

By accepting this job/move with us means that you agree for the job to be conducted at owner's risk. For the full legislation, Please visit


Do you have Cargo insurance included in your House and Contents insurance? 

If not, you may contact us for an Insurance QUOTE for free

*Please note: Any precious items, gems, bank notes, diamonds, jewellery should be kept safe with customers at all times

For any advice about insurance terms and conditions contact JLT (now Marsh)  to arrange it.

Insurance Contact :  JLT Transport

Terms & Conditions:

NOTE: If you are not sure about the truck size you need you may always contact us to organize a paid or unpaid visit depending upon some factors.

Otherwise you may use our volume calculator to calculate your stuff.

As ther truck sizes are offered based on the information provided only. So please ensure that you are getting a right truck size as if an extra truck or space is required it will incur an extra cost

The price is calculated based on the provided information only. Minor scratches or dents could be previous as well as being second hand goods so are not covered as a liability by our company. It is your responsibility to have insurance in place.

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